This page collects information on the designs we are creating for studying the novel concept of Cognitive, Cooperative Handheld Robots. Designs are offered for research purposes only and without any guarantee. They should be made and used by experienced and qualified researchers. Please cite our research papers if you use them.

Computer Science Department, University of Bristol.
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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Investigating Spatial Guidance for a Cooperative Handheld Robot

We are investigating how best to provide feedback information to guide users of handheld robots when performing a spatial exploration task. We are investigating this issue via various feedback methods for communicating a 5 degree of freedom target to a user. We compare against a non-robotic handheld wand and use various display alternatives including a stereoscopic VR display (Oculus Rift), a monocular see-through AR display and a 2D screen, as well as simple robot arm gesturing. Our results indicate a significant improvement when using the handheld robot and some interesting conclusions on the effect of various popular display technologies. More to come on a follow up publication... Watch this space.

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