This page collects information on the designs we are creating for studying the novel concept of Cognitive, Cooperative Handheld Robots. Designs are offered for research purposes only and without any guarantee. They should be made and used by experienced and qualified researchers. Please cite our research papers if you use them.

Computer Science Department, University of Bristol.
Contact Janis Stolzenwald ( or Walterio Mayol-Cuevas ( for further information.


This was the first video we made from the tiling task back in 2013 with Handheld Robot Mark 1

New video about Handheld Robot Mark II and our work on evaluating different feedback methods (2015).

A preview of the speed and configuration space of the Handheld Robot Mark2 (2015)

A video from ICRA 2016 about the Design and IK of the Handheld Robot MK2

Very early testbed for the concept used in the Mark 1 robot (2012)

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